Michael Lewandowski

Working with BCM for the 5 years we were sheltered by them was truly a partnership. BCM found the perfect building for us and provided numerous quality contractors to select from for tenant improvements. While I concentrated on getting set up for manufacturing, BCM secured all the required permits and pre-selected candidates based on my requirements. The entire process of leasing our building to full production was completed in five months. I appreciated BCM knowing when to jump in and provide additional support and knowing when to allow me to manage my operation. Our partnership with BCM helped grow Medegen from $25 MM to $80 MM and was ultimately sold for much more. As initially committed, BCM remained engaged after the sale to ensure, along with the acquiring company, that all went smooth. I can recommend BCM to anyone wanting to establish a footprint in Mexico quickly and efficiently while minimizing risk.

Michael LewandowskiPlant ManagerMedegen