What is a Maquiladora?

A manufacturing operation in a free trade zone (FTZ), where factories import material and equipment on a duty-free and tariff-free basis for assembly, processing, or manufacturing and then export the assembled, processed and/or manufactured products, sometimes back to the raw materials’ country of origin.

How long does it take to start operating in Mexico?

Depending on the type and corporate structure of the operation, starting a maquiladora in Mexico can take anywhere from 6 weeks to 6 months to be fully operational. For simple assembly plants, 12 weeks is easily achievable, especially if operating under a shelter company. For heavy metal manufacturing, 4 to 5 months is more realistic.

How much can I expect to save by moving my operation to Mexico?

Typical savings are approximately 50% on facilities lease and up to 70% savings on direct labor and operating costs can be realized when compared to typical costs in the United States.

Are there any security concerns in Mexico?

Managing security as a foreign company manufacturing in Mexico is a matter of discipline and understanding your surroundings. The majority of security concerns in Mexico, as they relate to violent crimes, are drug related. It is uncommon for a foreign individual working in a manufacturing facility to be a victim of violent crime in Mexico. While hiring a security firm for personal protection is possible, it may just attract unnecessary attention. Most security experts in Mexico and the United States would agree that the best way to avoid personal security problems in Mexico is to dress casually, do not wear expensive jewelry or drive expensive cars. Blending in to your surroundings as much as possible is the best advice.

What are the labor laws like in Mexico?

Labor laws in Mexico have many similarities to United States labor laws, such as minimum wage, overtime, worker’s compensation and include mandatory severance pay. The most noticeable differences in Mexican labor laws are those cultural in nature and would be addressed by the HR professional hired for the operation along with the shelter company.

What products can be manufactured or assembled in Mexico?

You can manufacture any product you desire plus unlike other offshore countries, Mexico has strong intellectual property protection under the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Why should I choose to manufacture in Tijuana, Mexico instead of China?

If you choose to work with BCM you would be contracting with BCM USA in San Diego, California under the framework of the United States legal system. In this way your company has all the benefits of low-cost Mexican labor while avoiding the complications, risk and cost of operating in a foreign country. In addition, being within the same general time zone vs. the Far East is a big plus for our clients.

What are the benefits of BCM’s Maquiladora Shelter Services?

  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Cultural Shock
  • No Long-Term Commitment
  • Lower Liability
  • Immediate Cost Reductions

What types of clients has BCM worked with?

Our clients are in the aerospace, defense, medical, bio-tech, automotive, electronics and semiconductor sectors. We manage projects of basic/complex assembly, packaging, re-work/repair, refurbishment and all aspects of employee management.

Why work with BCM?

  • BCM has an active network and relationships with Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development entities at the Federal, State and Local Levels in both Southern California and Baja.
  • BCM has trusted options with logistics providers, industrial developers, general contractors and regional/local suppliers.
  • BCM has developed workforce training programs with universities, technical centers and vocational institutions to support its talented labor force.
  • BCM recognized for exceeding the highest expectation of our clients.

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