More than a shelter, BCM is a partner for growth

Since 1983, BCM USA has helped companies to cut costs and improve their global competitiveness through nearshore, outsourced manufacturing, assembly, fulfillment and HR services in Mexico.

With a history of developing close partnerships with our customers, BCM’s Mexico based shelter maquiladora services provide significant labor, tax, and just-in-time production advantages compared to overseas options. Our close relationships and long-term experience with local, state and federal officials, as well as our engineering and fiscal know-how, will also support the growth of your cross-border operations.

Our vision: Create strategic opportunities across borders for companies competing in the NAFTA and global economies.

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Our Team

The solid manufacturing background of our staff is the key to our success. They have brought to BCM’s clients their expertise in critical areas of strategic business planning, finance, human resources, logistics, engineering, operations management and quality assurance.

They have obtained their know-how from world class manufacturing companies such as TRW, Union Carbide, Hughes Electronics, Sony, Pulse Engineering, Kodak and Philips Electronics. All of them integrate a truly global team with just one goal in mind – Making our clients’ operations in Mexico profitable and competitive in the international market.


Mario Rodriguez

President & COO

Mario is a seasoned executive with proven background in transferring manufacturing operations from US and Europe to Mexico. His experience is put towards reducing the operating costs and increasing the competitiveness of our clients, using a Strategic Planning, Project Management and Continuous Improvement methodology to create a world class manufacturing environment. He uses best manufacturing practices and quality standards (ISO 9000, Ford 8-D, JIT, SPC, TQM, Lean Manufacturing) that meet our clients’ requirements and as well as comply with Mexican laws and regulations.

Mario is fully bilingual in English and Spanish and has a B.S. Industrial Engineering Degree from ITT.


José Elias Martinez

VP of Administration & CFO

José Elias uses his experience advising and assisting US / Mexico manufacturing operations regarding all government affairs related with their international trade activities. His main areas of expertise are: world class accounting and financial principles (FASB-52), as well as Mexican local, state and federal laws and licenses required to run and start a manufacturing operation, including customs, Labor department regulations and taxation. Due to his experience with Deloitte Touche, José Elias has the discipline to implement administrative, accounting and financial controls aimed to provide insightful information to parent companies to help them make effective business decision making and have reliable operations in Mexico.

He is a CPA and has a Masters in Corporate Finance. He is very proficient in information technology and is fully bilingual in English and Spanish.

Dolores Galvez


Dolores has over 20 years’ experience in the maquiladora sector. She provides financial information as well as special reports to our clients regarding their operation in Mexico. Dolores is responsible for all shelter administration on the US side. She also manages our accounting department including accounts payable and receivable.

Dolores is fully bilingual, a Certified Public Accountant from the Instituto Tecnológico de Tijuana and an indispensable asset to the BCM team.

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